Dealer eTraining created training programs for BDC, Internet Sales, Floor Sales, Receptionist, Service BDC & Management. We recognize the importance of skills development. In fact, automotive dealers that create a bigger focus on training and developing their staff are usually the dealers that perform at better levels in the market. Dealers that utilize training services are consistently more successful because training is a part of the culture. Dealer eTraining only focuses on providing expertise from real world experience. They say that “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”. We at Dealer eTraining turn that phrase into a myth. If we never worked it we do not pretend to know it.
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Dealer eTraining understands that sometimes dealerships are looking for a professional third party view of their situation. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to come into your dealership and do a world class automotive dealer consulting service in order to create a proper outline of success. We often have dealers asking for our professional opinions and suggestions on how they can improve. Our consulting services targets the following: Dealership Setup, Marketing (Advertising) Strategy, Internet / BDC Setup, Management Evaluation, Inventory Management Evaluation, Mystery Shopping, Competition (Demographics) & OEM Reporting / Guidelines.
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One of the most painful aspects of the retail automobile industry is staffing. NADA stated that in 2019 there were 1,134,442 people employed across the United States. The problem that our industry continues to face is massive turnover in our dealerships. This happens for many reasons. Dealer eTraining has spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars to study the professional art of recruiting from the very best in order to create the best recruiting service for car dealerships. Our job advertising, screening, interviewing, placement & training program is very unique.
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Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

No other official automotive training firm comes close to offering services for the Buy Here Pay Here sector than Dealer eTraining. Did you know that according to the 2019 benchmarks for NCM & NIADA the average gross profit per vehicle for Buy Here Pay Here dealers were $4,704 & $6,029? BHPH dealers have an ongoing need to improve the sales process & training methods for sales staff starting from lead management to delivery. There is also a huge lack of proper marketing to drive business opportunities. We at Dealer eTraining spent lots of time networking with BHPH dealers & vendors to quickly identify methods to turnaround BHPH dealer operations with recruiting, training, advertising & management accountability.
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