President and Founder

Stan Sher

Stan Sher is the president and founder of Dealer eTraining. Stan has over 18 years experience in the retail automotive business where he has been successful in automotive sales, management, digital marketing, internet sales and business development center direction.

Stan Sher’s Auto Industry Success Story

Showroom Sales

At DCH Academy Honda averaged 18 units per month at an average gross profit of $2,000 per unit. Achieved Honda Council of Sales Leadership Silver status. Developed relationships with local businesses to offer special employee pricing offers to generate referral business.

Internet Sales Manager

Averaged 22 units per month at an average gross of $2,200 per unit at AutoNation Honda of Sanford. Achieved Honda Council of Sales Leadership Silver status. Out grossed showroom sales department. Consistently earning five figures per month and ranked top two in the dealership.
Later, joined Precision Acura of Princeton restructuring the Internet Sales department. Grew internet sales volume from 15 to over 35 units per month. Achieved Acura Council of Sales Leadership. Once again earned five figures per month and ranked at the top for gross and volume. This was at only 23 years old.

eCommerce Director

Brand new up-and-coming, dealership Teddy Nissan, built and managed the Internet/BDC from the ground up producing over 100 units per month at an average of $2,700 per unit. The success of the dealership was outlined in AutoSuccess Magazine shortly after Stan left to pursue his dream of helping automotive dealers increase their potential for higher profits.

OEM Facilitator/Speaker/Consultant

In recent years Stan has been contracted by certain OEMs and J.D. Power to provide consulting and facilitation service for their dealers. The experience of doing these projects is a lot of fun because it enables him to implement proven strategies into these dealerships.
Assist dealerships in receiving factory validation by improving processes for the sales, finance, service, and parts departments.

Published Author

Stan Sher has a well-known presence in the automotive industry as he has networked and developed strong relationships with vendors in the industry. He can often be found on forums contributing to discussions and making new friends in the business. He is a firm believer in assisting other people and will go out of his way to help.
As a writer and contributor to the automotive dealer community, Stan Sher has a continual blogging presence within and has been published in some of the most respected automotive industry websites and magazines. These include Driving Sales, Automotive Digital Marketing, Dealer Marketing Magazine, and Dealer Elite, just to name a few. In addition, he is also a frequent conference and workshop speaker for dealer groups, associations, and industry conferences.

Internet Director

In 2007, at 24 years old took Joyce Honda dealership’s existing internet sales department from 25 units to over 70 units per month with an increase of $300 per unit within 60 days. Dealership broke all-time sales volume to 354 new cars and 83 used cars delivered.

General Sales Manager

Recruited to build and turnaround Independent dealership under new ownership that was selling 8 units per month. The first month with zero advertising and only two salespeople while still going through the Buy-Sell process we sold 24 units. Grew dealership to a five-person sales staff delivering an average of 70 units per month for $210,000 gross profit. Restructured the service department that was generating an average of $45,000 per month to improve internal processes and implement a strategic marketing plan resulting in a 250% increase in revenue monthly.

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