The factors that turn a dealership successful with Sales & Business Development is powerful training. We have training regimens designed for any environment. When you hire Dealer eTraining you are investing personal & business growth for the organization. Learn from Stan Sher, a proven professional that has gone above and beyond to become great at the art of selling & marketing in the automobile industry. Dealer eTraining leads by example and creates champions out of sales teams!

Bring training to the dealership allows the trainer to inspire the team and deliver much-needed energy to the team. Our training is always led by Stan Sher. Every piece of training curriculum training content is carefully planned out with the dealer’s needs in mind. Our system is in two parts and very effective. We set up a classroom-style session and work hands-on with your team providing training for BDC, Phone Skills, CRM, Internet Lead Management, and Sales. After that, we go live with your team in the CRM to work together and get the team working.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our world is changing and the way that we conduct business has shifted to a conference call and webinar-style. Enter our “eTraining Live” program where we offer engaging training sessions for dealerships. Our curriculum consists of multiple sessions that combined equal a full day of on-site training. There are role-plays, performance reviews, and consultative discussions.

So the team got intense training and is pumped up. But what happens after the trainer leaves? Management continues to be busy and a third party is needed to help keep the momentum going. Our Lead eXaminer system allows us to review calls and leads that are handled by your staff. Add webinar training sessions to review and coach on our findings to move the needle further. Dealer eTraining can incorporate more on-site training visits to the Accountability Program.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!

Total solution for the everyday common problems that auto dealers face. Hit your targets, Improve ROI and Break Records with Dealer eTraining.

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